Slipsticks and calculators

From: PG Manney <>
Date: Wed Feb 4 10:34:02 1998

 (I can remember the simpler functions (multiply, divide & the
> like) but how to use the thing for calculus & whatnot I'm sure has
> "slipped" my mind... (lame) Pun intended ;^>
Lame is right -- you're slipping.

You can'y use 'am for must be thinking of trig.

> And tho we did have some TRS-80 Model 4's (and an old IBM Series/1) in
> school, I did use it occasionally during geometry / algebra class when
> necessary -- took it to college a few times to, but just to watch people
> gawk... ;-)

I went through Navy Nuclear Power School in '76, and they were
required...even tho' calculators were cheap, then.

Texas Instruments was naming some of their calculators "SR" (for Slide
Rule) up until the mid-80's, at least. My first one was the SR-10...the LED
"wedge". $110, IIRC

Was that TI's first?

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