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Date: Wed Feb 4 10:45:09 1998

I used to support these machines but its been a while. i think the hard drive
is proprietary, but i do remember someone somewhere mentioning adding a really
big hard drive and getting it to work. send me another notice via private mail
reminding me, and i will check on it when i get back to work.


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<< Yes, its a 2011-c34. I have no problem booting from the rom. I hear
 the hd spin up but then it slows down again and the light stays on. I
 get a 1701 error and an indication to press f1. After pressing f1 the
 computer boots from either the floppy or the rom.
 I wish I could have made backups first but it was doa when I got it. Do
 you know if the parts (hd floppy) are interchangeable with ps/2
 Thanks for the software source tip. >>
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