Slipping sticks

From: Andrew Davie <>
Date: Wed Feb 4 11:20:41 1998

Well, since we're on this subject... how can I resist once more

Slide Rule Trading Post

On my site you will find a link to JavaSlide on the main menu. That's a
JAVA slide rule I wrote some while back, so you can reminisc even if you
can't find your old faithful. Its quite good, actually.

There's a society called the Oughtred society, with around 400+ members.
Each devoted to their slide rule collection. I know of some people with
700+ units. Me, I have 30, including a 7 foot long Pickett classroom rule.


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Date: Thursday, February 05, 1998 4:22 AM
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><At 19:20 2/3/98 -0500, PG wrote:
><>"Slipsticker"?!? I thought I was the last one! C'mon -- who else here ha
><>his old slide rule _and_ still remembers how to use it?
>I have my 10" white aluminum pickett handy and grab it when a quick
>"good to three places" answer will do. I also use a E6B which is a
>circular aircraft slide rule for time, speed, distance, fuel use and
>wind correction. That one is in the plane as I'm absolutely certain
>it works as the calculator version of the E6B allways seems to need a
>new battery.
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