PS/1 How Much?

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Date: Wed Feb 4 12:22:24 1998

> Sorry... I don't know about such things. I knew about PS/2 parts
> (keyboards, mice, etc.) then PS/2 SYSTEMS (last summer), then PS/1 systems
> (about 2 months ago). So, other than the fact that they DO EXIST, I know
> nothing about them. I'm guessing Microchannel, but I've never seen such as
> system myself.
> I don't know if he was willing to GIVE IT TO ME. Anyway, what's a
> "garden variety" PS/1? What are un-garden variety PS/1's?
> >If it's a garden-variety PS/1, strictly he should pay you to take it, but
> >you can be a nice guy and let him give it to you. After all, that way it's
> >off his hands.
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Hi Hotze!

Make certain you HAVE the expansion box as well and have monitor
checked for rotten capacitors and fan is still healthy because this
monitor is also power supply for that CPU box. Expansion box help
to bridge yours with an real IDE ata hd on isa card. All PS/1 are
ISA in design which I can't believe that IBM would make this 44pin
IDE on board nonstandard pinout fashion. Many hard drives were
blown by poor quality control. :(

Please find out about this hack as I like to play with PS/1 series as
well when I get one in future.


Jason D.
Pero, Jason D.
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