Microsoft OSes

From: Mike Allison <>
Date: Wed Feb 4 19:20:33 1998


I must agree about Xenix/86. However, it was probably the best Unix
there will ever be on an XT, which is a weak platform for Unix. I think
the other good XT Unixen were licenses of SCO/MS and used their source.

Microsoft, by the way, has had a dictatorial interest in SCO's Xenix
until just a few days ago when a judge said SCO no longer HAD to include
certain things MS insisted thay include over the years.

See SCO's home page.


Ward Donald Griffiths III wrote:
> MS Xenix never ran on much of anything, as Microsoft never made it
> an end-user product. Altos Xenix ran on Altos boxes (68k and x86),
> Tandy Xenix ran on TRS-80 Model 16 & Tandy 6000 (68k), SCO Xenix
> ran on x86 and the rather short-lived IBM Xenix ran on x86. Both
> IBM and SCO ports were available for the XT (512kb required), and
> were underwhelming. A TRS-80 16 with 256kb outperformed it due to
> the PC's memory architecture. I guess I shouldn't badmouth MS as
> much as I do, since Xenix is what got me hooked on Unix.
> --
> Ward Griffiths
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