Dec/Vaxstn 3100, and source in SF

From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Thu Feb 5 21:25:29 1998

Is there a difference between a DecStation 3100 and a VaxStation 3100? I
saw some of each today at one of my favorite money pits (escaped for under
$200 today!). Are they Vaxen or something else? I'm not too interested
(I'm an HP 3000 guy).

Anyway, the place I saw them is called HMR Global Recycling. They
basically take a *HUGE* warehouse full of old PC's and Macs and ship them
overseas everyday. But they also sell some stuff to the average joe. It's
mostly as-is, especially for the odder stuff. They have the DEC stuff,
plus some Sparc stuff, misc. Apple (mostly mac) stuff, and the occassional
wierd thing.

Sometimes they have good prices, and sometimes they don't; it depends on
who you talk to and how they're feeling. You go in, look around for what
you want, then find someone to tell you how much they want for it. There
is no set pricing, or anything, they seem to make it up as you go. They're
open to negotiation; I am generally able to talk them down a bit.

Anyway, today I picked up:

 4 DB25-Cen50 SCSI Cables (HP) $2.50 ea
 5 Mac Mice $6.00 ea
10 Mac Appletalk kits MIB $2.50 ea
 4 250MB 3.5" SCSI HD's $17.50 ea
 1 6 HH drive ext SCSI case $20.00
 1 HP 9114 disk drive $10.00

and the best of the bunch...

 1 GRiD Compass 1101 $15.00

Anyway they have a web page (not much, last time I checked) at
<>, and they're located on 23rd St., just East of
3rd, near Army (or Ceasar Chavez for the tourists.)

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