VMS distribution?

From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Thu Feb 5 22:56:21 1998

<Here's a completely hypothetical situation for you:

Here I'll make it simpler. Your can get (US residents currently)
For free a decus basic membership, then get a VMS hobbiest license.
Now, for a modest $30 you can get a CDrom with VMS versions 5.4 though
V6.1 on CDrom for hobbiest use. (Current is either 7.1 or 7.2).

So if you happen to find an old vaxen with VMS and a valid key it's
likely cool. If you need a key for said beast you know where to get
it(www.decus.org). The CDrom would be read/bootable on a vax (VMSfile
system) so a RRD40/RRD50 or scsi compatable CDrom for a VAX is needed.
now if you didn't have said CDrom drive but had the disk someone with
a vax can cut a tape from it or just give you the savesets for any
version from 5.4 through 6.1 and you would use the DECUS provided
hobbiest license key.

<Would anyone care to venture a hypothetical answer? :)

Was the above hypothetical enough.

<Also -- no longer speaking hypothetically! -- let's say that I (myself)
<wanted to get a distribution of NetBSD on TK50 tapes. Is there anyone
<in the group who could send it to me, in exchange for fresh virgin blank
<TK50 tapes? Unfortunately I have no way of writing the available TK50
<images to tape myself, or I would.

Check with the crowd on the PORT-VAX list. (check the NetBSD web page
for help).

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