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Date: Fri Feb 6 09:44:22 1998

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>>>No, I do not have _my_ high school/college slide rule, which was a
>>>magnificent 12" yellow aluminum Pickett with a hard leather case and a
>>>loop. ...
>Nice! Why have I never seen an aluminium slide rule?

Almost ALL Pickett Slide Rules are aluminium.


>>>700+ units. Me, I have 30, including a 7 foot long Pickett classroom
>Wow! On a 7 foot rule you should be able to get four sig. figs without
>too much interpolation anywhere along the length. Or are the markings
>too coarse for that?

The 7' rule is simply a blown up version of a 12" rule. Everything 7 times
bigger. Sure, you can estimate a bit better, but you wouldn't really want
to try to calculate with this thing. Its massive!!

PS: Brand new Pickett ES500 rules (quite nice model) can be had for US$25 at
the Gemmary.
Tell them I sent you ;)

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