VMS distribution?

From: Roger Ivie <IVIE_at_cc.usu.edu>
Date: Fri Feb 6 10:15:05 1998

> My friend (and I, for that matter), would never condone software piracy,
> in all seriousness. However (again, hypothetically speaking of course)
> my friend would have a lot of trouble understanding how posessing and
> running an old, obsoleted version of VMS would bring harm to anybody or to
> any organization. He might also be very disappointed that there were no
> available inexpensive hobbyist licenses available, which, if one existed,
> he would certainly jump at and support with his own hard earned money,
> quite happily.

If your hypothetical friend lives hypothetically in the United State of
hypothetical America, he might, hypothetically, spend some time searching
http://www.dejanews.com/ for the original hypothetical hobbyist VMS
license announcement, which would (hypothetically) include a URL pointing
at a place to obtain a hypothetical CD-ROM distribution. Your hypothetical
friend would then, hypothetically, be reduced to finding someone willing
to copy said hypothetical distribution files to hypothetically blank
TK50s (hypothetically, some extra work would have to be done to build
a hypothetically bootable standalone backup tape as well).

I'd supply the URL, but I don't have it handy and I don't recall it offhand.

Roger Ivie
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