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From: Daniel A. Seagraves <>
Date: Fri Feb 6 11:46:23 1998

[intelligence of high school graduates]

There's more than the fair share of idiots here. I was showing a class
how to log in at the student workstations, we have a Novell network.
(For them. I stay on the Unix side as much as possible!)
One kid asks, "What if we try getting nude pictures off the web?"
I answered that I could see whatever they did on the computers, so doing
that would be a bad idea. So he replies, "Well, we could always just break
them." (Meaning the computers). I'm betting he'll be a senior for a couple
more years...
The bad part is that a majority of the freshmen coming in see this, and think
"That dude's COOL, man, better act like him!"
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