More books for the library

From: Jeff Kaneko <>
Date: Fri Feb 6 14:30:10 1998

> I added another 37 volumes to my vintage computer library yesterday.
> By far the most valuable from a historical standpoint is the book
> _Computer Power for the Small Business_ from 1979. It is a buyer's guide
> for microcomputers of the mid- to late -0's era. Talk about a treasure.
> This book has pictures and decriptions of many computers I've never even
> heard of.
> It contains information on systems we know much of, such as the Atari's,
> Apple, PETs, Radio Shack, etc. But it also has blurbs on systems that
> I've not seen mentioned anywhere else (at least not in a way that is
> looking back on these systems with a historical perspective) like the RCA
> Cosmac VIP, the Sol-20, Exidy Sorcerer, Heathkit H-8 and H-11, Intecolor
> 8031.
> The best part is the descriptions of systems I've never knew about before.
> Has anyone ever heard of an Outpost computer? Its a fully integrated
The Outpost and the Outpost II were manufactured by TANO (who also
licsenced the Dragon for manufacture in the US). It was a 6800 based
system, and it ran FLEX or MUMPS. The only one I've ever seen was at
an ARCO facility in 1986. It was considered old then . . .

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