Sun 3/50 and Shoebox

From: Richard A. Cini <>
Date: Fri Feb 6 19:25:22 1998

Hello, all:

    I got a no-name "shoebox" drive for my Sun 3/50M workstation. It has a
Maxtor 300mb SCSI hard drive and what appears to be a 60mb DC600 tape drive.

    After reading the Sun FAQ, I'm left clueless on how to get it to boot
from the hard drive. The workstation that I got appears to have been a
remote-boot type, because it looks for an Internet address at startup.

    Dirst off, how do I change the default boot device? Second, what are the
appropriate SCSI device IDs for the hard drive and tape drive? Right now,
they are set for tape:6, drive:4 (I remember from somewhere that the Suns
look for a drive on ID=6).


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