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From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Fri Feb 6 21:37:36 1998

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>Heheh. So true, unfortunately. The other extreme is the
>fat-pud-who-eats-while-he's-hacking stereotype and then the

Ever see "Cloak and Dagger"? Y'know the
fat-pud-who-eats-while-he's-hacking character who gets killed? I got into
a couple of fights because people said that that was me...

P.S., I think real hacking is basically just a strong sense of curiosity,
coupled with a need for adventure. A lot of people go rock climbing or
skydiving or skiing or what-have-you to get their adrenalin flowing, and
some get that same rush from getting a tricky program working (Like that
web page generator I wrote a couple weeks ago) or from getting a circuit up
and running.

I think innovation comes not necessarily from a desire to innovate, but
from running out of challenges that have been done before. The first time
you write a "hello world" program, it's great. But pretty soon, that, and
G.P.A. average programs and Tetris-clones get to be old hat, and hackers
start looking for new challenges, only there's nothing left they can say
"hey that's neat, I think I'll try and do something like that" and they
have to find something like "Hmmm... what if I used that thing to make
doing this thing easier..." and voila, you've got Visicalc or whatever.

P.P.S. warezloosers are just liquor store robbers in disquise. Doesn't
take much intelligence to copy MSWord on to a CD or upload it to an FTP

P.P.P.S. For them what was interested in my web page generator, I'm working
on documenting it and will put it up on the web Real Soon Now.

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