Conquest of non-outer space

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Sat Feb 7 15:02:35 1998

> >>....How many books
> >>do you people have? One would need a bill gates-type house to store all
> >>of these old computers and books! I live in an apartment, and envy
> >>people who can....

Some of us on the East Coast banded together to form the RetroComputing
Society of Rhode Island (now Inc.!). We rent a good sized room in an old
rubber factory. With the building is a nice elevator, a dock, electricity,
a bathroom, but no garbage (we end up taking our garbage home, as we are
not ready to pay for a dumpster).

We have open-houses, just about every month on Saturdays.
Anyone interested? We are in Providence.

William Donzelli
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