3270pc, 5272, 5271 stuff wanted

From: Mike Allison <mallison_at_konnections.com>
Date: Sat Feb 7 15:37:18 1998


I just happened to have my cards out for cleaning.

Yours seems a bit different. I wonder if it's earlier or an expansion
card for the pc/xt to give it 3270 comm capability.

My connection card has:

a BUNCH of gates or st, these 74L???
no memory that I can see (the computer has 640k)
a clock/crystal marked 14.1523 mhz (1589449)
Some IBM chips
2x 5617135


I dunno...


Tony Duell wrote:
> I have what I believe to be an interface card from a 3270 PC here. It's a
> full-length 8 bit card with PC/3278 on it. The main chips are :
> N8X305N (microcontroller)
> 3 off ROMs (15527-15529, Copyright 1983)
> 4 off 6116 RAM
> DP8340 and DP8341 (Some kind of interface chip...)
> Assorted TTL glue
> Passives, including a reed relay
> There's a single BNC connector on the bracket. There's also an expansion
> edge connector at the top front, which seems to be linked to the ROM
> pins/the microcontroller.
> -tony
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