Commodore 64GS

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Date: Sat Feb 7 07:56:25 1998


Someone here has a couple of 64 GS's - I had only heard of them in
passing before, and thus don't know their interest. I looked on the web
but found almost nothing - are they worth getting hold of? Not saving as
such, as the owner isn't threating to destroy them or anything, but
simply worth owning. :)

It's been a reasonable week for me, computerwise. Other than being
offered a mainframe, which was fu, I picked up the Atari 800, 800xl,
heaps of software, and (a personal favorite) a Vectrex. Ok, so it is
only a games machine - but I have wanted one for 15 years, and I finally
have one. And for $15, too. :)

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