IDE interface for Commies

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Feb 8 14:58:49 1998

>off, there should be no problem. About souping up Commodores, wouldn't
>a 20MHZ CPU have a different instruction set than the original CPU and
>thus require a different ROM? And if it has a changed ROM, then how is

It's a Western Design W65C816S, basically it supports emulation of the
processor used in the C64.

>a Commodore? Where can I get info on this? How much RAM would these
>super-Commies have? What CPU? is the company making the SuperCPU, they
also make 512k and 2Mb REU's, a 16Mb RAM Drive, Hard Drives, etc. Beware
this stuff is expensive.


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