iAPX 432 manuals available to a good home.

From: Gary Oliver <go_at_ao.com>
Date: Mon Feb 9 13:12:52 1998

Free (you pay shipping) to a good home:

iAPX 432 General Data Processor Architecture Reference Manual (1.5" thick)

iAPX 432 Interconnect Architecture Reference Manual (1" thick)

iAPX 432 Object Primer (.5" thick)

Also (and unrelated to above)

Callan Data Systems Unistar 100 Intelligent View Terminal User's manual
(.4" thick)

Callan Data Systems Unistar System Reference Manual (.5" thick)

[note: Callan Data Systems made a Unix (V7) workstation in the early 80s]

Please direct responses to me personally at go_at_ao.com

I'm in Corvallis, Oregon, so a local pickup is preferred. But
if someone further away wants this stuff, feel free to inquire.
All I ask is you pay the freight to receive it. Cheapest would
be library 4th class for a few bucks, I presume.

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