New Amigas, Atari Clones

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sun Feb 8 12:39:13 1998

On 8 Feb 98 at 16:47, Hotze wrote:

> OK... where can I get the Atari clones?
> It's hard to believe that they're's anyone more emotional than a Mac
> fanatic... anyway... please give me more info. Also, how much will it cost
> me?
> Ciao,
> Tim D. Hotze
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> From: Zane H. Healy <>

In N.A. , Computer Direct in Calgary, Alberta does an Atari Falcon
clone for around $3000. I believe it uses a 68040.
There are several european mfgs. One is called "the Hades" and
another out of France IIRC "the Medusa". Do a Web search and/or
check out the newsgroup. Fabulous machines, but

ciao larry
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