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From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Mon Feb 9 20:27:40 1998

Okay, I'm working on the next batch of computers for my web pages, and am
looking for any anecdotes, links, resources, or specs relating to these

Compaq Portable 386
HP 75D
Iasis Computer-in-a-book (8080)
Panasonic Senior Partner
Amstrad PC-20
NEC Starlet
Panasonic HHC
Seequa Chameleon
Sharp PC-4
TI Compact Computer 40

Specifically, the data points I list in my specs table are:


A lot of these I can pull from the machines themselves myself as I sit down
to do each one, and for some I have manuals, but I really appreciate any
info anyone can offer. Also, stories of your experiences buying one new,
or how you always wanted one, or rumours, or what have are definitely


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