Lisa 2/10 question

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Feb 9 22:53:54 1998

>Apparantly the self test and stuff works, but it doesn't boot up - I
>assume this to be a problem with the hard drive, but imagine that it

Sounds like my 2/5. It wouldn't boot until I loaded software onto the Hard
Drive. Maybe you'll be lucky and that's all it needs. Something tells me
a hard drive for a 2/10 would be hard to replace, but I might be wrong.

>could be something else. Does the 2/10 have the battery problem found on
>the 2/5, and is this particular error the sort of thing that can be

Apparently this problem is only with the 2/5, although quite honestly that
doesn't really make much sense.

As for what it's worth, can't say. I've _Never_ seen Lisa's around here, I
got mine off the Internet. The fact it's not working means not much.


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