Looking for Codex info/Bookshelf update

From: Aaron Christopher Finney <A_Finney_at_wfi-inc.com>
Date: Tue Feb 10 14:04:29 1998

An exciting thrift day for me; I found a book I've been looking for for a
while now - the "Applesoft BASIC Programmer's Reference Manual" for the
Apple II. It's a hardcover in perfect condition, even the tear-out
reference card is intact! I got that and one from Digital press, "Technical
Aspects of Data Communication, 2nd edition" (1982), both for about 2 bucks.

I happened along a Motorola/Codex 2131 csu/dsu. Anybody know anything about
this little beauty? I couldn't find much on the 'net about it, but it's
obviously a 9600b csu/dsu with a nifty design.


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