Disk problems/questions.

From: Mike Allison <mallison_at_konnections.com>
Date: Tue Feb 10 21:53:49 1998


Are you using a 360k drive, or a reconfigured 1.2Meg?

If the 1.2 M, use the device=driver.sys command in config.sys to set up
a "d" drive as 360k.

1.2M are noticably inconsistent when writing and reading 360k, sometimes
the disk will work, other times the same disk wont.


Barry Peterson wrote:
> I have encountered a puzzling problem and hope for some insight;
> I've been trying to verify my box of DSDD floppy drives (On-topically
> >10 years old) so I set up a 386DX-33 (Consider it a perpiperal to
> my older systems) After configuring B: to 360KB, I can format/verify
> a diskette. When I run Norton DD, (Ver. 6.01, IIRC) it says the disk,
> and I assume the drive, is/are fine.
> When I run Scandisk (MSDOS 6.22) it says the Media Descriptor Byte
> is wrong and warns of dire consequences. It also says the FAT copy is
> wrong! I check the Media Descriptor byte, before and after Scandisk
> fixes it, and it's always $FD. Does Scandisk have a bug WRT 360KB
> disks? I'm tempted to ignore it, but...
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