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Date: Tue Feb 10 16:59:47 1998

> > What are the requirements for being a hacker? ;-)
> > Tim D. Hotze
> > major snip here.... 8< 8< 8< 8< 8<
> I always thought it was a desire and knowledge (and making use of same) to make
> better use of computing, in a benificial way. IMHO, the term used in reference
> to those "miscreants" who use their knowledge for nefarious purposes does a
> disservice to the "name"....
> Just my opinion, sorry for being "off topic"....
> Will
Few things to say, also good hackers quests for whys it failed or how
that works.

One case in point: Alex is really good hacker and managed to make a
TDD compatiable work over direct phone line via modem or voice modem
or sound card to another TTD machine and vice vera and make THAT
work on a 286. Also again, Alex discovered a bug in Sears's
telecaption 4000, if the signal line 22 somehow got on middle of
video area, blowing the closed caption chips. I suggested he change
out that can with one from Telecaption 2k and that worked.
Long live Bandot code!

I also have repaired many equipments including that thinkpad 700C
that were deemed unrepairable. But I have a question for anyone.
 The original glue by IBM in that 700C is wrong type and 2 heatsinks
popped off from those 2 video ram SOJ chips. Heatsinks are simply
shaped like highland biscuits. My choices on reattaching heatsinks:
Industrial Strength E6000 adhesive and sealant worked well on
attaching a heatsink onto RapidCAD but dunno on plastics, stick on
double sided heatsink pads (tall order to find them!) or mechanical
retainer with different heatsink bit hard to do because the metal
backplane plate where VGA connector is is on one side and 2 chips
side by side in 90 deg relative to backplane plate.

Any glue that becomes brittle when cured will crack apart like epoxy,
crazy glue and similar stuff is out of this considation.

Thanks all!

Jason D.
Pero, Jason D.
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