VMS distribution?

From: James L. Rice <jrice_at_texoma.net>
Date: Tue Feb 10 22:35:53 1998

kroma wrote:

> >>OK, let's say I pull an old PC and some boxes out of a dumpster, and
> >>there's a set of original AutoCAD Release 9 disks. By your rule,
> how
> >>can I tell if I own a legit copy or not?
> >
> > Real simple. It they're original disks then it's a legit copy!
> Doesn't
> >matter if it came from a dumpster or not.
> >
> Though some software manufactures would like you to officially
> transfer the
> license to a new party. It's usually buried in the fine print of the
> software agreement.
> -- Kirk

If it was AutoCAD and the original owner has upgraded then the old
license for Release 9 is invalid. However if the serial number has not
been upgrades Autodesk will transfer ownership if you can locate the
original owner and get him to notarize a transfer agreement and then you
have to pay to upgrade the license to the current version..now Release
14 at a cost of around a thousand dollars.

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