Apple II info ?

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Feb 11 01:55:37 1998

On 10 Feb 1998, Frank McConnell wrote:

> Sam Ismail <> wrote:
> > On Mon, 9 Feb 1998, Lawrence Walker wrote:
> > > Grapple+ Printer Interface......... Serial, Parallel ??
> >
> > A very nice parallel printer interface with a 64K buffer.
> Um, maybe. I'm pretty sure I remember the Grappler+ printer
> interfaces (like the ones I have) being parallel printer interfaces
> with no RAM buffer.

The Grappler was without RAM buffer. The Grappler+ had the 64K RAM. I
should know...Power Demon I (my souped-up //e with 3.3Mhz accelerator, 1MB
RAM, 20MB HD...) had one.

> > > CableTV kludge to a "SUP 'R' MOD CH.33 TV Interface Unit ??
> >
> > This enabled Apple to comply the FCC requirements for a Class ? computing
> > device. This means you did in fact get an Apple ][ and not a ][+. Very
> > nice find, especially for a thrift store.
> No, it doesn't mean that. The Sup'R'Mod was sold separately, there
> was nothing to stop you putting one in a ][+, and there was no less
> reason to do so because the ][+ didn't have any more of an RF
> modulator in it than the ][.

But there was a necessity for Apple to ship one with every Apple ][ as
Kip's message alluded to. Right around the time was when the FCC started
laying down the law with regards to computer emissions. I'll have to
look-up the specific why's but I know that's the basic gist of it.

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