GRiD Compass and Bubble Memory

From: Yowza! <>
Date: Wed Feb 11 05:49:41 1998

I picked up a nice example of an old GRiD Compass 1100, the first, most
rugged, and most beautifully rendered clamshell design laptop (1982). For
the most part, it works great. But it won't boot. It wants to boot from
it's internal bubble memory, a set of three Intel Magnetics 7110s. I
queried MemTech, the company that acquired Intel Magnetics, and they'd
like $400 a bubble to replace them, or, for $150, they'll try to "reseed"
mine and fix the "bootloop".

I'm not bubble savvy, and I would like to see this Compass live again.
Any suggestions on how I can boot my bubbles? Are there any other 1100
owners out there that have a spare boot bubble bobbing about (sorry, it's

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