first bug was a myth

From: John Rollins <>
Date: Tue Feb 10 20:45:03 1998

>Yes, indeed the term "bug" is older than th earliest electrical computer.
>As eveidence, one could check out some of the 1930s issues of QST (a
>hamradio magazine), and the term shows up. If I could dig them out, I
>could give you exact dates.
I think that's a different kind of bug, unless I'm missing something... Are
you thinking of those Vibroplex(sp?) bugs? Those funny looking CW keys?
Although I suppose the other type of bug is there too, if you count
screwing up a radio circuit...
But hey, don't listen to me. I've been awake at my computer all night for
probably about 10 hours now. I drank a whole 2 liter bottle of Pepsi,
finished it off around 9-10pm, now it's almost 7am and I'm still wide
awake(and very gittery(I know THAT's not the right spelling...). And to top
it off, my fishing license expired, so I don't have anything to do but sit
here on the computer for a while longer. Maybe I'll go drag my bike out of
the basement.

-JR - Computers - Star Trek
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