Real hackers

From: Hotze <>
Date: Wed Feb 11 21:40:06 1998

><From Wed Feb 11 17:59:22 1998
><People try, but the age of hacking is gone. Right now, there is just
><nothing exciting in the computing industry. Wait till holographic
><memory, and so on. As for people who think that they are "hackers" and
>You got to be kidding. Just look around the edges at things like
>autonomus robots and navagation to suggest a few. Theres plenty to be
Yes, and one of the most evedeint (to me) is Artificial Intelligence. If
they're programmers that can do it, they'll probably be hackers. And, you
can tie that in with robotics, etc. to make a true human-computer
interface, something which could completely revolutionize what we're doing,
or, better yet, trying to do.
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