Disk problems/questions.

From: Barry Peterson <bmpete_at_swbell.net>
Date: Wed Feb 11 22:38:37 1998

On Wed, 11 Feb 1998 20:17:27 -0500, you said:

>This however does not solve the posters question. My cut on that is if
>the media was created on a know good 360k drive and it doesn't read right
>on a unknown drive, one of them is broken. ;)

Again; I'm testing drives. I format a disk to 360KB on a 360KB drive
with 386 BIOS set to 360KB. Then I run scandisk on the same disk in
the same drive and it reports an error. This occurs many times using
many different drives and many different disks. Very repeatable.

(The drives in question can read known good disks and other known good
drives read disks formatted on these drives; it's not alignment.)

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