Antique Computers

From: Tom Veselenak <>
Date: Thu Feb 12 13:04:47 1998


My company currently has several examples of antique computers,
software, and various hardware pieces from the early eighties on.

We tend to hold onto things in our warehouse and have accumulated boxes
of stuff. Some items include:

            Apple Lisa (one 3.5 drive) unknown model
            Apple III (one of my personal favorites)
            Tons of Apple Hardware including II+, IIe, and GS carcases
            AE Hardware (remember the Ram Charger and Vulcan Hardrives?)

            Different Upright Macs including 128's, 512's, and the Plus

We used to sell a bunch of this stuff in the late eighties, and most of
these items were returned without packaging and such, so we could never
get refunds for them.

I would be interested in receiving an e-mail from someone to discuss the
values of some of these items.


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