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Date: Thu Feb 12 16:55:32 1998

On Wed, 11 Feb 1998, Mark Tapley wrote:

> I trashed my promotional literature describing all of this years
> and years ago, once we decided to go the TRS-80 route. Sigh. If anyone can
> amplify or correct any of this, or better yet has a working system, I'd
> love to hear more about it.
> Oh yes, there was a picture of one of the cabinets on the cover of
> Byte magazine just before they went out of business. Along with many other
> systems, suspended in space around a shattering crystal goblet with the
> Title "Breaking the Sound Barrier". The cover story was about computers
> with sound-generation capability. This would be maybe 1-2 years after the
> introduction of the Z-80, I'd guess, but don't remember better than that.

The folks from The Computer Journal brought along a Digital Group computer
to the first Vintage Computer Festival and had it on display on their
table. The most interesting thing I remember about it was that it had an
electricity meter on the front (showing total electrical usage).

You can contact them about it directly by checking out their web page
which is:

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