first bug was a myth

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Date: Thu Feb 12 14:52:09 1998

> Back about 1985 when I was still the CSR at the RSCC in downtown
> Los Angeles, a customer brought in a TRS-80 Model 3 that had been
> in storage at his company's warehouse up in Stockton for at least
> two years, It was quite grungy and it would not boot TRSDOS or
> anything else except for ROM BASIC. So we sent it out to the
> repair center. When it came back the ticket read something like
> "Removed dead mouse from drive 0. Cleaned drives and system.
> System checks OK." My manager immediately sent a speed memo to
> the repair center to the effect of "Customer was unaware that
> mouse was available upgrade to Model 3. Would like mouse
> repaired and reinstalled."

Hee hee! I told my friend about this! SIck he says!

There the few computer systems dirtied by mouse BM and pee on
motherboard. Happened to me once in repair service. :)

Jason D.
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