Apple II info ?

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Thu Feb 12 08:18:48 1998

On 10 Feb 98 at 19:46, Sam Ismail wrote:

> On Mon, 9 Feb 1998, Lawrence Walker wrote:
> > I just picked up an AppleII and 2 FDDs with a bunch of add-ons
> > at a local thrift store. The only Apple I have explored is my Mac+.
> > Anyone able to identify the cards ?
> >
> > Grapple+ Printer Interface......... Serial, Parallel ??
> A very nice parallel printer interface with a 64K buffer.
> > Multiflex Tech ...Long card with kludged cable to an RCA male
> > connector and another to a clothes-pin chip staddler labelled
> > AP TC/14. Two labelled chips "Firmware" and "Char. Gen." (imagine
> > this is a video card of some sort.)
> An 80-column card (Apple ][ and ][+ computers came stock with 40 columns).
> > CableTV kludge to a "SUP 'R' MOD CH.33 TV Interface Unit ??
> This enabled Apple to comply the FCC requirements for a Class ? computing
> device. This means you did in fact get an Apple ][ and not a ][+. Very
> nice find, especially for a thrift store.
> > It also has what I imagine is stock Ext. video (single RCA) and
> > cassette (2 mini-pin i/o )
> Correct. The RCA is for a monochrome monitor. The two 1/8" phone plugs
> are for reading/writing data from/to cassette, as well as digitizing audio
> (ask if you're interested).
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 Thanks, Sam. I , hooked it up to my multi-purpose Commodore 1702,
dug thru some extraneous disks I had accumulated, put a program
called "Homeword" in the drive, and was pleased to see it works fine.
 I had expected it to not work without an Apple-dos boot disk.
 So far my problem has been sifting thru the wealth of material
available on the I-net re the Apple II. The csa2 faq seems to be
mainly about the GS.
 I also have an Apple II Duodisk, which unlike the II fdd s has a
DB25 pin female connector. Were these for the GS or did Apple
simply upgrade the disk connections with the + or A-3. would it
work on a II with an adapter ?
 I contacted the Toronto-area guy re the TRS-80 and am going to
be inheriting a bunch of TRS80 stuff including the HDDs and several
monitors as well as manuals and Tandy CP/M (??) which I wasn't aware
of. He's also giving me some AppleII s. Must be my year for Tandy
Apples :^)) (couldn't he'p mself.)

ciao larry
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