Friday the 13th is good luck!

From: David Williams <>
Date: Fri Feb 13 10:54:09 1998

Who says Friday the 13th is bad luck? There's a place down the
street from my office with a sign that says they buy and sell old
computers. Never had a chance to stop by before today. Turns out
they're (surprise) scrap dealers. Well I got to talking to the guy
there and told him that I picked up older systems and the
type of stuff I was interested in. While talking to him I saw an
Atari system which when I checked turned out to be a 1200XL. Don't
have one of those so I picked it up from him. He said if he had know
I'd want it he would have grabbed all the other stuff that went with
it instead of just the system. Then I asked him if he ever came
across PDPs. What luck, they had a PDP-11/34 in a 9' rack with two
RK05 drives and tons of cards that his crew had just started to tear
apart. On of the drives was already beyond help but he sold me the
rest of the system, other drive and rack. Then he said he thought he
had another PDP which turned out to be a DG Nova-3. I grabbed it too
though it turns out to only be the chassis. No cards inside at all.
I'm heading out of town this weekend but we set everything aside and
made arrangements to pick it all up Monday. Now I can't wait to get
back next week and start checking out the systems. He was a
very pleasant person to talk with and asked what types of items I was
looking for and how to contact me. May turn out to by a good source.
A lucky day indeed.

David Williams - Computer Packrat
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