BBC Model B - video help

From: Andrew Davie <>
Date: Fri Feb 13 23:04:15 1998

I have just retreived a BBC computer.
Seems to work fine, and I have managed to get directories of several of the
(rather warped) 5.25 disks. I'm extremely surprised any data is readable at
all - nice looking tandem dual floppy.
However, onscreen I see there's a problem with the machine.
I see perhaps 1/5th of the screen and then it repeats. Furthermore, the
width of the screen isn't correct... that is, I see 20 or so character wide
lines displaying and thus staircaising. I suspect its a hardware problem
(almost 100% certain here, I've tried software mode changes - same in every
mode), but have nil hardware expertise.
So, when (occasionally) i see a > prompt, and type, i see what I type
perhaps 20 times in varying places on the screen, each line offset from the
Can anyone suggest my first steps to playing with it - what sort of chips
should I be looking for, perhaps?
I know, I'm behind the 8-ball, but you're all such brilliant guys at
restoration, right?
Any help much appreciated.
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