Convex C3200 computer (Melbourne)

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Sun Feb 15 00:26:05 1998

> >We have a huge Convex C3200 computer (it would have been termed
> >a supercomputer when it was new). It's basically worthless to us.

So it probably can be had for the right price!

> What is it? Is it the sort of thing that desperatly needs saving? I
> probably can't pick it up myself, as it is in the wrong state and I
> suspect a car with a trailer may still have trouble bringing it back, but
> I hope there is someone here from Melbourne or Sydney who can handle it.
> :)

A little research has shown that this beast may not be all that big -
perhaps like a fat 6 foot rack. If so, a trailer could handle it.

Those Convex machines are very nice looking, by the way - black and
yellow. And even if it is a bit old, it could still beat the hell out of
PeeCee in the performance department.

In any case, someone please grab it.

William Donzelli
Received on Sun Feb 15 1998 - 00:26:05 GMT

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