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From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Sun Feb 15 01:03:06 1998

On Sat, 14 Feb 1998, Mike Allison wrote:

> That's both good and bad news at once. I was hoping it might prove to
> be a CPM intended machine and that one of the systems in the archive
> would power it. Bit of a dilemma...

I have the NCR Decisionmate V disk, but that is DSDD 48tpi. I could
reformat it to 96tpi if you wanted to try it, but I have NO idea how
similar the two machines may be!

> I'll probably pick it up and see what we can do.
> Also, would this have any type of bus? It's the same basic form factor
> as a PC so I assume there is room for card profiles (doesn't mean that's
> not just for the drive overhead).

I would be surprised if it had a bus. More likely the SBC kind of thing.
> Whaddaya think?

There is always the chance of getting a disk for it.

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