Disk Exerciser

From: James Willing <jimw_at_agora.rdrop.com>
Date: Sun Feb 15 11:02:31 1998

At 10:09 PM 2/13/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I've never HEARD of a disk exerciser.
>What on earth is one for? Pushups? Situps?

Briefly: a 'disk exerciser' is a stand-alone unit used in the
testing/alignment of disk drives (either floppy or fixed/hard, depending on
the unit).

It allows you to test (exercise) basic functionalities of the drives
(read/write/seek to track, etc.) without the use of a somputer and software.

Particularly useful when trying to align drives, as many of the more
'intelligent' exerciser units have the 'standard' alignment track numbers


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