DEC disk test sets

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sun Feb 15 11:56:52 1998

  With all the discussion of disk exercisers, now might be an
appropriate time to post this stuff.

  I have found a number of DEC and DEC-associated test sets. I have
three in my possesion and will wait to see if there is any response
to get the rest of the units. They seem to be in good shape,
w/manuals and adapter cables. I cant really *test* any of them
because I don't own any of the drives they are for. O well.....

  I have here field test boxes for:

   TB216A (CDC) (2 available)
   RM03/05 (3 available)

  Also there are:

 DEC TDR Analyzer
 Wilson Labs SX-530 Disk Memory Exerciser
 Information Storage Tech. 7330 DDU Tester
 Memorex 800 Disc Storage System Tester (7 of these available)
 Memorex Mecanical Alignment Kit
 Magnetic Peripherals Field Test Unit TB3A2A for RM0 series (3 avail)
 DEC RM06/07 Carriage alignment tool
 DEC RM02/3/5 Head Carriage tools (2 avail)
  Condition of the devices I have in hand appears to be good, the
others have not been inspected by me personally, but the owner says
they're all about the same.

  Prices on these units: (US) $50? $75? More? Less?

  I am in Southern California. These devices are all in 'Zero'-type
cases.. shipping should not be a problem.



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