Commie/Amiga compatibility

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Feb 15 12:52:43 1998

>> Just came across an Amiga/Atari switchable mouse, and was wondering if it
>> would also work on my C-64. Does anyone know if c-64 and amiga had the same
>> pinouts for the joystick port?
>> -John Higginbotham-
>No, it won't. One of my great disappointments. I've had it explained
>to me but I can't recall why. That's an Amiga-Atari 'ST' mouse.
>It wont work on an 8-bit atari neither
>ciao larry.

That's interesting, I'd thought they would. The pinouts on the ports would
appear to be the same, since they can share joysticks. However, it also
makes since when you consider the fact that you've got to flip a switch to
use the mouse in question on either the Amiga or Atari.

My guess would be the computers expect different signals, despite the fact
they're using the same pins. I seem to remember seening a picture of a
C-64 mouse and it looked just like a Amiga mouse.

If it's a "Wizard" mouse, it's a great mouse by the way, it looks and
pretty much feels horrible though. I've got one on my A3000, despite
having several Amiga mice scurrying about. I've not tried it on my Atari
though, but I've been meaning to.


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