Commie/Amiga Mouse Compatibility

From: Larry Anderson & Diane Hare <>
Date: Sun Feb 15 13:34:22 1998

I just hit the "quote button and had to wait several minutes for the
digest to come up in the e-mail... Don't you hate when you do things
like that... (:/)
From: John Higginbotham <>
Subject: Commie/Amiga compatibility

> Just came across an Amiga/Atari switchable mouse, and was wondering if it
> would also work on my C-64. Does anyone know if c-64 and amiga had the same
> pinouts for the joystick port?

> -John Higginbotham-

Sorry but the mice are not compatible between the Amiga and the 64, the
only pins that are the same are the joystick ones... You may want to
check this site out:

This is the location for the Hardware Book, which lists a vast number of
microcomputer pinouts as well as adapter wiring guides.
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