C64 Modem issue

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: Mon Feb 16 13:02:15 1998

>I have a C-64c and a Commodore brand 1200 modem. Since I still haven't had
>a chance to resolve the problem with my 1541 disk drive, I'd like to
>explore using the modem a bit. Can it be done in BASIC? Meaning, can I
>issue certain BASIC commands to init the modem and dial out? It's been a
>while since I've messed with any Commie machine, and when I did, I couldn't
>afford the "luxury" of a 1200 baud modem. This may be something simple, and
>I'd appreciate any help, even a pointer to info on the internet.
>Is there a termcap for the c64? I don't recall seeing one, but I don't
>spend too much time skimming the innards of termcap files.
>- John Higginbotham
>- limbo.netpath.net

I think the answer to both of your questions is, yes. However, as I recall
while Linux once had a termcap entry for the C64, it's no longer in there.
Also the question of a termcap is a bit ambiguous, since you don't mention
what system you would need it for. IIRC it varies a little from UNIX to

As for the modem I'm positive there are basic commands you can use with it,
but the modem and manual I've got is in storage, I seem to remember seeing
a whole section on this in the manual.

But, why bother, just get a terminal program for the C64. You should be
able to get one off of the net. If you are serious about the C64, and
don't already have a X1541 cable made, all I can say is get to work. The
cable allows you to hook a Commodore drive (1541 or 1571 IIRC) up to your
PC's parallel port. Then using a couple different programs available you
can format and copy files to a C64 disk. I've got a 1541 that is
perminantly attached to my server! If only there was a Linux version of
the software I'd be truely happy :^)


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