Epson HX-40 ???

From: Mike Allison <>
Date: Mon Feb 16 14:33:54 1998


I don't know much about those. I'm familiar, I guess with a later
model. If this is the 1984(?) model it makes things a bit tougher.

I assume you're looking for an external power supply?

I'm sure these folks here know how to get around that one.

If it's 1984, I doubt it has a HD. It probably has an expansion port of
some sort.

Look on that museum page.

If it's the newer DG, then things get a lot easier.

Monitor wise, it's probably an LCD display. It will probably do some
type of graphics.

I'll do some research...


Cord Coslor wrote:
> Mike:
> Thanks for the reply.... do you happen to know what type of power supply the
> Data General takes? I can't find one to work with it. Also, does it have an
> internal harddrive? What year is this thing from?
> >
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