Two drives on a Emulex? How?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Feb 16 17:32:42 1998

>This certainly seems likely - RD53's are not considered to be the
>most reliable drives in the world. Have you tried reformatting?

Unreliable is an understatement. That appears to be the problem. I just
attached a second RD53 to the RQDX3, and finally found the command to
initialize the disk. I was able to initialize the second one, but not the
one I've been trying to work with. Bleep. I won't say how much time I've
wasted on a "Good" hard drive.

Oh, well, now to figure out how to FTP the data I'm trying to get onto the
new HD (yes, I've installed TCP/IP on it).

Thanks for the help.


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