System/34 contd.

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Mon Feb 16 18:43:21 1998

Well, if you could post the power specs, power cord pinouts, etc...
Also, if there is a main board, how much power does it need?
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>Subject: Re[2]: System/34 contd.
>The mail software crashed while I was typing this. Oh well, try
>> I doubt I will be using the thing because it needs a 220-volt plug,
>> which there are at my school, but noone would let me put it in their
>> room. There isn't any space in my apartment either :). Could I
>> somehow wire to 110-volt plugs to get 220? If there is some kind of
>You can try it if you like, but you'd far better notter!
>Seriously, in most (afaik) homes/schools/offices in the US, it is
>possible to find 230V between the live terminals of two suitably chosen
>sockets. But this is not recommended. In particular, you cannot
>connect the output voltages of two randomly chosen sockets in series
>and expect the wiring to survive...
>I'd recommend a 110/220V transformer. They do exist and they are not
>very difficult to find. It may also be possible to modify the PSU.
>Don't give up that soon!
>> "getting started" thing, photocopies would be fun, just to look at...
>I may have spare copies of some pocket reference guides. There is one
>for the OS (about 1/2 inch thick) and one for the assembler at least.
>shall have a look - eventually!

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