New Finds

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Mon Feb 16 19:24:50 1998

Well it's been a busy weekend went to a Hamfest/Computer Swap this Saturday
in Blaine MN and got a Mac IIx for $25 unit works great has 16meg of
memmory and was loaded with good software and system 7.1; a NEC APCIV
PowerMate portable that works great for $10; a Mac LC475 new case for $1;
and alot of notebook power supplies for $1 each. A Commodore 1802 monitor
in great shape for $20 at Goodwill; a Compaq 286e with KB, mono VGA monitor
for $12.50 and it works great with 4 meg of memory, 42 meg HD with nice
software on it; a Hyperion model 3012 with a nice carrying case, a ram
upgrade in one of the case pockets and a owners' manual will be firing this
one up later tonight; a IBM 6091-19 monitor for $15 can't it to work with
my RS6000 box. I still have a pickup load of stuff to open and see what I
have purchased over the last few days, will update later. Well Keep
Computing - John
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