System/34 contd.

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Tue Feb 17 12:53:13 1998

UHOH! That means that I will have to move the thing! It's against the
wall! With three 74-pound terminals on it, no less! This machine ran
in 1980, when it was last used. Possibly, it has been eaten by the two-
foot long rats that live in our building. To restate what I previously
said, it needs a 220-v power source and I am trying to run it in an
area that only has 110-v plugs.
>[Previously, a load of questions...]
>The CE panel is the Customer Engineer panel. WHile facing the front of
the machine, take a step to your right. Turn left 90 degrees. Take
another step
>right. You should (Depending on your stride) be looking at a small
hinged cover
>about 12" high, on the left side of the machine. Open it. Inside is a
mess of
>switches and lights. This is the CE panel, similar to the frontpanel
of a PDP-11
>or similar mini. WHen the machine is running you can watch the LEDs
flash at
>I'm not sure on the voltage stuff...
>Is this machine running? Are you tyring to get it that way?

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