Weekend finds! (CPU's, Printers, Disk Drives, Software, etc.!!)

From: Cord Coslor <archive_at_navix.net>
Date: Tue Feb 17 15:36:48 1998


This weekend I was fortunate to have made some very good finds.... all
in one place, all at one time! Anyway, below is a list of the truck-load

I got. Along with many of the items is a question or two, and this is
I am hoping you could please help me out! At the very end is the total
price I paid for everything as one lot. Let me know if you think it was
a good buy or not. Maybe let me know some current values to you
Also let me know if you're interested in any of the items... we may be
able to work out a deal. Basically, all items can be considered

Remember, this is just what I acquired this last weekend. Feel free
to check out the URL on my signature at the bottom to find our complete
inventory (well, minus about 5000 items we are trying to get entered
the computer!!) Oh, and the site is quite new, so many links are broken
yet, and the pages are far from complete!! Give me a few days :-)

Oh, please forgive me, as I know some of you don't enjoy reading these
"weekend additions." But, I figured this was the best place to post my
questions as well.

Thank you very much, and please let me know if you would like any of
this stuff, or have more information on any of it!



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The list follows:

*Epson HX-40! On the front of this little laptop, it says "MajicBox."
Has a LCD, adjustable (tilt) display, full keyboard and is model #H401A.

It runs off batteries or a rechargeable battery pack which is still with

the machine. Has a "backup on/off" switch on the underside. Also on the
underside is a bay for programmable ROM chips. Without the chip
it boots to an A> prompt, but I don't know what I can do after that.
anyone have a BASIC chip for it. With the chip inserted, it boots to a
Pharmecy drug order program that is pretty slick. This computer has
for cassette, seriel, RS-232C, and printer. Also has something labeled
cartridge out, but I can't get it to do anything. It looks like it's
converted with something that looks like a audio jack, from the factory
or factory add-on. There is also a small compartment on the right of the

monitor -- unknown use. It looks very similar to the Epson HX-20 --
is known as the first lap-top. Could some of you give me some more
on my particular unit? I could find no information searching the web!
*Data General One laptop. This was made by Data General in the early
1980s.... it is said to be the first successful laptop. Full screen, and

two 3.5" disk drives. Curious if it has a ahrd drive inside. I really
power supply information for this, does anyone have it?? What type of
does it run? This is in near mint condition and want to get it up and
It is said to be working, but I really need that power supply!!
*Visual -- I have no information on this one! Full keyboard.. missing
the keypad Return key. Dual 5.25" drives. Has a phone jack i the front
by the keyboard. It says the Model is a Visual 1083, and is made by
in Lowell, MA. Does anyone have more information on this???
*Hewlett Packard 9121. Does anyone have some info on this for me? It
has dual 3.5" drives. No monitor, etc. with it. What kind of software
it run, etc., etc.?
*Laser 386/SX-25 CPU. Has both 3.5" and 5.25" disk drives. Also has
a VGA card, and a 100+ meg hard drive. Boots up great --- has 1.5 (??)
meg of Ram.... need a keyboard for this guy. I thought my TRS-80 Model
2000 keyboard would work. The keyboard gets power, recognizes caps,
but still get a keyboard error --- anyone have any ideas?
*Apple //c computer. Works perfectly
*Apple //c computer. Works perfectly
*Apple //c computer. Works perfectly
*Apple //c computer. Works perfectly
*3 empty Apple //e cases. Does have keyboard and keyboard circuitry.
One case has a volume knob and a ear-phone jack added to it.
*Apple //e computer. Long cable coming out of the back.
*Franklin Ace 1000 computer.&nbsp; Apple compatible... great condition.
*TRS-80 Model 1 - keyboard only. Missing the #8 key from the keypad.
Cat # 26-1006
*Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer 2 - cat# 26-3026 Serial # 0007201-
a lot of yellowing.
*Tandy Personal Computer keyboard for the Tandy 1000 series.
* Tandy TRS-80 Personal Computer keyboard for the TRS-80 Model 2000
*Tandy TRS-80 Model 2000 #26-5103 - great condition. Dual 5.25" drives.
What DOS does this run?
*Commodore Vic-20 computer. Great shape, works excellent!
*Commodore Plus/4 computer. Mint condition with original box, power
supply, &amp; cables. Also both factory manuals.
*Commodore 128D computer. Mint condition CPU. No monitor, disk drives,
cables, etc. What does it take... also what type of keyboard does it

*Apple monochrome monitor. Aug. 1989 - Model #A2M6016
* Apple //c monochrome (?) monitor - Model #G090S -- has some screen
shimmying going on.
*Apple high-resolution monochrome monitor. Model # M0400 works great.
*Tandy TRS-80 High Resultion Color Monitor CM-1 . Model #26-5112 with
all cables.
*Tandy RGB Color Monitor CM-5
*Three more Apple monitors -- info on them not handy right now. Oh,
one is an Apple /// monitor?

Disk drives, other storage
*Three IBM disk drives (5.25") info. not available right now on them.
*2 more Apple disk drives - specifics not handy right now.
*FileSafe Tape Series 7150 by Mountain. I believe this is a type of
tape storage system. I have no power supply, and am wanting more
on this. What computers used it?
*Percomm Data 5.25" disk drive. No other writing on this silver case.
Probably used with a TRS-80 Model 1 or similar computer.
*Disk //c for the Apple //c. Model #A2M4050. Does this run off of the
computer's power supply? It must.
*5.25" disk drive. No information on it. It says it is by AE. External.
Has built-in interface cable.
*3 external Apple Unidisk drives.
*Apple 3.5" disk drive for the macintosh. Model #M0130.
*Super 5 5.25" disk drive. No info on this except it was made by EI-EN
Enterprises in Tokyo.
* 2 more Apple Disk // external drives.
*Franklin Ace 10 disk drive for the Franklin Ace 1000. 5 1/4" disk
drive.with built-in cable.
*Apple UniDisk Model #A9M0104 -- newer style
*Apple disk drive(?) No writing on the 5.25" drive -- colored like
the Disk // units.
*Tandy 10 Meg hard disk system. What computers was this made for? 1000
series?&nbsp; #25-1025. Will it work with a Model 4 or CoCo 3?Underneath

It says 3 head 303 Cylinder. Last repaired in 1988.
*IBM 3.5" internal disk drive (??) Says TEC.
*Need more info. on this one. Internal drive the size of a 5.25" drive.
But, it looks like it takes small business-card sized wafers of some
Anyone heard of something like these for an IBM/compat?

*Imagewriter // printer for Apple
*3 misc. printers - don't have their info right here now.
*Radio Shack TRS-80 lineprinter VII
*Radio Shack DMP 200
*Radio Shack Ink Jet Printer JP1000
*Commodore MPS 802
*Vic 1525 Graphic Printer
*Apple image writer 2
*Hush 80 P portable printer. This is an odd bird? More info.?? It is
by ergo systems. About a foot long by 4" wide. Looks like a thermal

Books/Manuals, etc

Commodore 64 Programmer;s Reference Guide. 486 pages by Commodore.
*Commodore 64 User's Guide - 170 pages or so --- by Commodore.
*Commodore Wordstar Colt manual. From MicroPro.
*Apple // UniDisk Owner's Manual
*Apple //c Owner's Manual
*Setting Up Your Apple //c
*Apple // Model 300/1200 User's Manual -- still in shrink wrap.
*leather Goddesses of Phobos cartoon maps by Infocom. Xerox's??
*Tandy DMP 203 User's Guide
*Commodore 1802 Color Monitor User's Guide
*ThinkTank: The First Idea Word Processor original manual and box for
the Apple Mac.
*A bunch of Apple books and manuals -- info. not handy right now.
*Apple //c Scrube Printer User's Guide to the //c still in shrinkwrap.
*Apple /// Imagewriter User's manual.
*Apple // Disk Two Installation Manual.

*Apple //c power supply
*Apple //c power supply
*Apple Scribe printer robbin cassette for use with Apple Scribe Printer.

*Apple //c video accessories in original box. Comes with cable, TV
switch box, and Modulator... any more info??
*Commodore 128 power supply.
*Mustek Twain-Scan color handheld scanner. Still in box with
software, PC card, &amp; manuals!
*10 Blank 5.25" diskettes - Memorex 2s/2d
*Something called a BlackBox. It has a phone jack on one end and on
the other it plugs into some type of port. Model #ME723B-M -- does
have some info on this?
*KoalaPad. I think for the Commodore computer. Does anyone have some
more info on this? Maybe some software?
*Commodore Model 1200 Model #1670
*Joystick by IBM. Very small with a really odd connector on it (8 pin
*Concord Data System 224 - Is this a modem? It's a rectangualr box
has has phone jacks on the back, and many labeled lights on the front.
With power supply.
*Apple roller (whatever they're called)... oh, track-ball type of deal.
Model #Ap07055
*Three various Apple cables. TV/ Video cables, printer cables, and
something else.


*Samna word processor for IBM Dos 2.0, 2.1,&nbsp; or 3.0 (3 disks) with
manual and book holder.
*The Hibbot for the Commodore 64 - with original box, manuals, maps,
etc. Distributed by Addision-Wesley.
*Radar Rat Race cartridge for the C-64
*MasterType cart for the C-64
*Below the Root (???) game copy on dissk for the Commodore 64.
*Aztec game original box, manual, and game disk for the Apple/Commodore.
*the Bard's Tale III Thief of Fate original box, manuals, code wheel,
and disks (2) for C-64.
*Aple //e original disk - An Introduction by Apple - written in Pascal.
*Volcanoe orginal game disk by Softsmith for the Apple // - Franklin
*OptionX " " " "
*Little Speller " " "
*SpaceWare Educational/Game software for the Apple series
*Thunderclock basic software by Thunderware for the Apple (Dos 3.3)
*Cosmos Screen Mixer utility software by Astar Co. for the Apple (?)
original disk
*The Assembler original disk by MicroSparc for the Apple
*Certificate Maker original disks for the Apple // (2 disks)
*The Newsroom for the Apple original disks by Springboard (2 disks)
*VisiCalc for Apple by Personal Software, Inc.
*VsiCalc progrma diskette for the Apple by VisiCorp.
*The Professional Sign Maker original disk for Apple by Sunburst
*Apple //+, //e demo disk by Robot Corp
*The Star Gazer's Guide for the APple original disk.
*Xerox Desktop Publishing Series (10 disks) plus 4 disks of a patch.
All original-- more info??
*Macrosoft for Apple
*VAI II operating software for the Apple ][ and ][e
*VAI II Exercises original disk for the Apple
* Frogger for the Apple, distrib. by Main STreet Publishing
*Space Shuttle, A Journey into Space by Activision - original disk
*dig Dug for the Apple // family. Dist. by Thunder Mountain
*Choplifter by Broderbund orginal game disk for the Apple (?)
*Apple // orginal demo disk - dist. by Wichita Software
* Vic-20 cartridges: Pin Ball, Omega Race, Jupiter Lander, Gorf, Radar
Rat Race, Raid on Fort Knox, Avenger, Poker, Cosmic Cruncher, and Mole
Attack In 8 cartridge storace holder.

Was it all worth my $150. :-)

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