Stupid BIOS tricks

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Tue Feb 17 16:48:50 1998

I pretty much knew it wouldn't work, but hoped that maybe it would
work just like a normal BIOS... anyway, does anyone have that circuit
cellar article? What is "inexpensive"?

>> I just downloaded the assembly source to a generic XT bios. It
>> but I can't apparently run it from a command line, or boot off a
>> disk that has the thing rawritten on it.
>Um - what are you *expecting* it to do when you run it from the command
>line or from floppy disk?
>> Is there a way I COULD do it
>> without getting a ROM burner?
>Sure - there are adapters that let you put code into a small CMOS
>RAM with an adapter that fits on the ROM socket. One of Steve
>early Circuit Cellar articles in _BYTE_ shows how to do this. But if I
>were you I'd just build or buy an EPROM programmer - they're by no

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